The Rally Master’s Notes

September 7, 2023 by admin

These notes are provided to help Navigators get better results and enjoy the sport of
Road Rallying more fully. The information presented here is based upon the rallying
protocol used by Rally Sport Ontario for the Ontario, Canada region. Local variations
will be found in other jurisdictions. The Rally Master’s Notes are copyright property
of Gail Walker and reproduction is prohibited without written approval.

The Rally Master is Gail Walker who has been a navigator since 1976 and has been
creating rallies since 1990. Gail and her husband and driver, Malcolm Elston, were
the Ontario Provincial Road Rally Champions in 1996.

Basic Instructions Advanced Instructions Navigation Skills
Columnar Instructions Make Your Own Tulips Start Location Activities
Tulips Backwards Sections Navigator’s Kitbag
Road Counting Topographical Maps Zeroing Checkpoints
Clock Faces Story Time Checkpoint Activities
Happy Faces Ciphers Timing
Straight Line Maps Flow Charts KPH To KPM Conversion
Waffles Scoring
Mazes Creating a Rally
Bingo Maximum Late Penalty
Time to Turn


Last Updated: 2002-10-21
Copyright © 2001 Gail L. Walker, reproduction forbidden without written authorization.