Rally Masters never put traps in rallys. Well, hardly ever. O.K. at least once a rally you might find one. Here are a few common traps that you can detect and avoid.

Run-On Instructions - The End Of Section (EOS) distance for every section is clearly stated either on the section page or in a separate section with EOS descriptions. Rally Masters will sometimes give you more instructions that take you beyond this distance and lead you off route. Always circle the EOS distance and verify there are no gratuitous instructions.

Tempting Checkpoints - If The navigator tells you to turn right at 22.46 Km, don't go sailing past the turn so that you can go into a checkpoint sitting just beyond the intersection! Chances are, there is a loop that will bring you back to that same checkpoint.

Checkpoints On Trails - Many Rally Masters favour checkpoints on minor trails which do nothing other than leave and rejoin a busy road. The turn is sometimes difficult to spot, and is often unsigned. I have seen many busy teams sail past, turnaround and then come in - late, of course! You can sometimes detect these trails in advance because your speed will drop from approximately 72 Kph to 30 Kph for a run of less than 0.5 Km.

Sections Out Of Order - Maybe it's just efficient use of paper - or maybe it's a trap. Always execute the sections in ascending order unless you are given different instructions. Sometimes, you are asked to complete instructions in alphabetical order, e.g. Five, Four, One, Six, Three, Two! These special instructions should be either in the general instructions or on the first page of your route book.

Timing Sections Out Of Order - Creative timing page design will do this. Easy to miss when you are flipping back and forth to the instruction pages.

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Last Updated: 2001-04-25
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