Waffles are a fairly uncommon instruction so many of you may not have heard of them. They are a variation of a non-cummulative distance to turn instruction. The twist is that you don't know which direction you will be turning until you reach the next intersection! It is also very difficult to recover if you make a mistake in one of these sections.

The diagram below shows a segment of a waffle section but a full section would have 25 or more squares. At the corner of each square, is an instruction inside of a circle. On the lines connecting the circles, is the non-cummulative distance of the road segment which connects the two instructions.

From the start, you will go straight ahead. You will go to the next intersection which could be 0.92, 0.74 or 0.59 Km away. Let's say that you reach an intersection at 0.59. The instruction for that road segment tells you to go left. If you have a Terratrip or other rally odometer, you can zero one of your displays and measure the distance to the next instruction. If you are running a stock odometer or have only one display, I do not recommend zeroing it as you will want to measure the total section distance to confirm End of Section. Instead, you will have to calculate 3 possible 'cummed distances for the next intersection which will be 0.59 + either 2.41, 2.00 or 0.99. The next intersection is at a 'cummed distance of 2.59. You will go left again. For the next intersection, you will only have two choices. If the road is at 0.65 (or 3.24 'cummed), you will go right. If the road is at 1.85, you will turn left.

The Rally Master will tell you if you may use an instruction more than once.

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