Happy Faces

Don't let happy faces make your face sad - the secret is in the eyes! These instructions use a drawing of the head of a character to show you the direction of your travel. These drawings could be simple happy faces, jack o' lanterns, Monty Python Killer Bunnies or anything else that the Rally Master dreams up to fit the theme of the rally. There are two ways that a happy face can give you instructions. The Rally Master will tell you which method they are using - just make sure that you read the instructions very, very carefully!

1.05a The first method is to imagine that you are looking at the route through the eyes of the face. In the illustration, our happy face is looking to his right. This tells you to turn right. The second method is to look at the eyes as if this is a person facing you. In our illustration, the happy face is looking to your left, and so that is the direction you should go.

There are an infinite number of variations that can be used with happy faces. Instead of eyeballs showing the direction, a face might be winking, and the open eye is your clue. Route details such as stop signs might be ignored - or they might be communicated through more subtle facial features such as the presence or absence of eyebrows or a smiling versus a frowning mouth. All of these special touches will be fully explained in the instructions.

If you are not sure if you should be looking for the route through the eyes of the face or by looking at the eyes on the face, compare the first instruction of the section (at 0.00km) to the last instruction of the previous section. These will be the same instruction, so this will prove which method is being applied. A second check is to compare the last instruction to the End of Section recovery instructions. These will usually tell you which way to turn if you have been off route, so you can again verify the method being used.

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