Make Your Own Tulips

You are given several tulip diagrams as shown below; you will note that they have no dots and no arrows! Each tulip diagram is numbered, and each road in each diagram also has a number. The instructions are given as ddddnex where: dddd is the distance with two decimal places, n is the number of the tulip to use, e is the number of the road on which you enter the tulip, and x is the number of the road that you exit the tulip by.

The correct answers are:          00.00 Stop Tee R
01.16 L
02.54 Stop R
05.48 Stop L
06.76 SA
08.12 Stop SA

Alternatively,a Rally Master may give you tulips with dots but no arrows! So you know how to enter the intersection, but not how to leave it. You will be given a tulip for every intersection that you will encounter, but to solve this problem you'll have to use the End Of Section map to plot the section, following the clues that have been given. At the start of the section, your first instruction as always will be the same as the last instruction of the previous section. The exit road from Tulip #1 will lead you to the intersection shown as Tulip #2. To find the exit road for Tulip #2, look at the intersection shown in Tulip #3 which in this example is a 4-way. Look on the map and follow both roads exiting from Tulip #2 you will take the one road which has a 4-way as the next intersection. Following the same procedure for Tulip #3, you will look for the one road which next leads you to a tee intersection. Sometimes you will have two choices (such as would occur if both roads leaving Tulip #2 led to a 4-way). In that case, follow the (now six!) possible exits from the two 4-way intersections and select the one that will lead you to the tee intersection of Tulip #4. If you get part way through the section and get stuck, start mapping back from the End Of Section.

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