Rally Bingo

In a regular game of Bingo, a player has one or more cards which consist of 24 numbers arranged in 5 columns with a "free" square in the centre of the card. A sequence of numbers is called out in the form of "under the G, 53". The players cross off 53 in the G column. The object of the game is to get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically or on the diagonal. Here are two rally variations of Bingo!

11 22 33 47 70
1 27 40 55 69
9 30 FREE 51 62
2 25 44 53 71
7 17 38 60 75

In our first Bingo game, you have one card as shown above. You are given the Bingo numbers plus the instruction to be done at each number. Do the instructions in the order that they are called and continue until you have a Bingo! (5 in a row). When you get the Bingo!, you will be at EOS. In a section such as this, you have no distances for your turns. There will be an instruction for every intersection. Cross off the Bingo numbers as you go so that you know when you have your Bingo!. Don't get trapped by the run-on instructions! Read the numbers left to right, top to bottom.

B2 Stop SA   B9 Bridge   O71 R   G53 Stop SA   N33 Stop L
B11 Keep R   G51 Acute L   I17 Tee R   N38 Bridge   I27 Stop Jog R
G47 Stop Jog L   O75 Bear R   O62 Bridge   G55 SA   G60 Bridge

Our second game of rally Bingo was created by TAC member Martin Amos for the Spring Fever Rally in 1992. You have 12 cards which you need to manage all at once! The caller will give you an initial series of numbers to get started. After the initial numbers, you will be given a distance and a pair of numbers. Each pair of numbers will complete a "Rally Bingo!" which will be one of the three options shown below These rally Bingos! will give you the direction of your turn at the given distance (Left, Right or Straight Ahead). Clearly, on this type of section, you need to work well ahead as you must mark all of the numbers on all twelve cards because you do not know which card will contain the Rally Bingo! When this appeared in the Spring Fever Rally, Martin also had us run the section backwards (see last month's column) several hours later!

Left   Right   SA
* * * * *   * * * * *   * * X * *
* * * * *   * * * * *   * * X * *
X X O * *   * * O X X   * * O * *
* * X * *   * * X * *   * * X * *
* * X * *   * * X * *   * * X * *

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