The Backwards Section

Rallies generally finish at the same location from which they started. As a result, sometimes the Rally Master will ask you to retrace your route by running a section backwards. Alterantively, the section may be presented in the normal manner but you will be told to go from End of Section to Start of Section. There are three steps to deciphering these sections.

1. Calculate the distance from where you will start the section by subtracting the distance given from the total section distance. If the section length is 16.41 and the distance given is 14.80, you will arrive at this intersection when you have travelled (16.41-14.80) 1.61 Km. If you use an auxilary odometer, you could also set it to a negative read out starting from the total distance. However, this means that your average speed indicator is not correct. It is also more difficult to calculate time and input speed changes.

2. All lefts become rights and vice versa. The exception to this rule is that jogs stay the same. Tee intersections and stop signs are no longer specified.

3. Speeds are also run in reverse. Think of the original speed change instructions as "end average speed".

The example below shows the original section which is to be run backwards and the translation of how you will actually call it, reading from the bottom up.

Original Section   How you will give it to the driver
0.00Tee RCAS 56.0   16.41L EOS 
3.10TS L    13.31TS R 
3.75TS Tee R    12.66TS L 
5.78Stop L    10.63R 
6.27RCAS 53.0   10.14LCAS 56.0
6.95Stop Tee R    9.46L 
7.70RCAS 61.9   8.71LCAS 53.0
8.13SA    8.28SA 
9.10 CAS 45.0   7.31 CAS 61.9
10.00Bridge    6.41Bridge 
10.15Stop RCAS 72.0   6.26LCAS 45.0
12.23Jog L    4.18Jog L 
14.80L    1.61R 
16.41Stop R EOS    0.00LCAS 72.0

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