Rally masters are great story tellers and they love to bury the instructions for sections in the middle of stories. The variations are infinite, but here are two examples of story instructions that you might encounter.

Count the Words

In this type of section, you are given a distance from SOS, and a number. The number represents a word in the story with the first word numbered 1 and counting up from there. The turn that you make at the distance given corresponds with the first letter of the selected word. "R" is right, "L" is left and "S" is straight ahead.

He leaped down into the breach. But, even as he did so a hundred ladders were raised against the battlements. Over the wall and under the wall the last assault came sweeping like a dark wave upon a hill of sand.

0.00 15 (Left)
1.36 32 (SA)
4.41 2 (Left)
5.10 29 (Left)
7.20 41 (SA)
9.50 12 (SA)
11.60 33 (Left)
12.78 17 (Right)

Alphabetical Sentences

In this section, all of the instructions are written out in full. However, they are not in order! Using the capital letter that starts the sentence, execute the sentences in reverse alphabetical order. The distances are non-accumulative from the previously executed instruction.

Voyaging along, turn left (1.46). Now make an acute left turn (2.01). Enjoy the scenery as you cross the bridge (0.10). Zero your odo at the stop sign, and go straight ahead (0.00). Boogie into a right turn, right here (0.60). In a short distance, you'll enter a built-up area, so begin a quiet zone when you turn right (0.37).

From SOS, this section would be executed as: 0.00 SA, 1.46 Left, 3.47 (1.46 + 2.01) Acute Left, 3.84 Right & Begin quiet zone, 3.94 Bridge, 4.54 Right

As these sections have no standard rules, the best advice is to read the instructions carefully, test your understanding with the first few turns and then re-read them to make sure that there are no tricks. Good luck!

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