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The TAC club event schedule includes:


Navigational rallies    (*events are in the Ontario Road Rally Cup series):


-the January Jaunt* in January

-the Infinite Monkeys Rally, a club members' fun rally, in May

-the Discover Ontario Car Rally* in June




Time Attack (formerly known as Solo 1 or Solosprint)

in the early spring, Time Attack holds an Open House, usually near April 1.  TAC always has a membership booth at the event.  TAC also organizes the pre-season instructor school and at least one competition event during the season.

Information on Time Attack time trials is available here.

The event schedule is here.


Road Racing

Road Racing schedule is available here.

Autoslalom (once known as Solo 2)

Information on Autoslalom, (parking lot timed courses) is available here.



Ice Racing

Information on Ice Racing (Minden track) is available here.

TAC is one of the organizing clubs, meaning that one weekend (on a rotating schedule) out of the series is organized by TAC.  The series is 6 weekends long, usually beginning the 4th weekend in January and running till the first weekend in March.