CASC database unavailable for members PDF Print E-mail

We have just learned that the website for CASC, the Canadian Automobile Sport Club association (the sanctioning body to which all clubs are affiliated) has shut down their members' database area until Dec 12.  What this means to TAC members is that you will not be able to sign in to check your information at CASC, and you won't be able to use the CASC members' web page to apply for race licences, join or renew a club membership. 


But don't worry, you can still renew your TAC membership without using CASC!  Just follow the PayPal link below, and your membership will be processed as always here at Toronto Autosport Club.  Then, as soon as CASC reopens, our TAC registrar will update your info on that system without you having to do any extra steps.  The only effect this might have on you is, if you need a race licence ASAP, we will have to get CASC to manually issue one for you.  Otherwise, you'll be able to apply in the usual way once CASC is back.


We sympathise with you about the inconvenience, but TAC has got your back. 


See you at an event soon!




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Guru Nanak Car Rally produces a video! PDF Print E-mail

For many years, the Toronto Autosport Club has been proud to help the Guru Nanak Community Services Foundation, a charitable organization raising funds for causes such as the William Osler Health Center.  The most recent Guru Nanak Car Rally took place last September, and we just found a really great video on YouTube of the event!  Check it out!

Visit our TAC store at Cafe Press PDF Print E-mail

Attention proud TAC members!  Now you can buy clothes and more with the TAC logo on it, through the Toronto Autosport Club’s online store (a partnership with Café  Choose from a large selection of shirts, jackets, mugs, bags, even games and toys!  Almost anything that Café Press sells, they will sell with the TAC logo on.  

Visit the store at