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SoloSprint (Solo I) in Ontario:

SoloSprint got its start in Ontario in the late 1970's. A group of motorsport enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy the thrills and excitement of road racing but who lacked the financial resources to compete in a full racing series decided to create a new sport.

By using the parking lot autoslalom (Solo II) series as a model, these enthusiasts adapted the concept to fit on an actual race track. The early, informal events grew into a series which has now gained sponsorship from major automotive parts manufacturers and includes contingency awards supplied by the tire companies.

The current series is comprised of twelve events held over six weekends, preceded by a SoloSprint school and dedicated lapping day. The series is administered by the SoloSprint Committee, made up of representatives from various CASC affiliated clubs in Ontario.

The SoloSprint program has evolved to the point that it is recognized as a stepping stone to Regional and/or National road racing. Lessons learned in SoloSprint competition have proven invaluable to drivers who have subsequently found themselves racing internationally.